A plea for Pastors: Expository Preaching Please!

30 06 2008

As you might have guessed. I’m just a regular guy, and this is my blog. What you read here is what’s on my mind at any given moment.

After church today, I was thinking about preaching types; expository, textual, topical, etc.

I favor the expository kind. I don’t mind a topical sermon once in a while, but as a steady diet? No way!

How about the sermon that only barely has a relation to the actual text it’s supposedly taken from? Plueeezzeee…

Well, long story short, I came across this site: http://preachers.wordpress.com/ and this was posted as one of the blog entries…if you’re a Pastor and all you dish out to the congregation are sermons called “Being a better Husband,” or “The secret to true happiness,” I urge you to think about what you’re doing. The word of God is so precious, so valuable, let’s do it the justice it deserves. If you’re preaching in a “smorgasbord” style, cherry picking your favorite topics, avoiding those “tough passages,” or beginning your sermon by saying “Today’s sermon is from Colossians 3” and then preaching your own ideas…I urge you to stop and think about what you’re doing! And, read the following on:

The Benefits of Expository Preaching

I have been collecting arguments for an expository style of preaching and I thought I would share them with you here over the next few weeks. I would love to add your reasons as well if you would send them to me. For myself? I am not sure I can add to such comprehensive coverage, but who knows…..?

The first set of arguments comes from Peter Adam, Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia, and is courtesy of the Biblical Theology Briefings

1. Preaching through the books of the Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, respects and reflects God’s authorship. God did not gives us a book of quotable quotes, nor a dictionary of useful texts, nor an anthology of inspiring ideas. When God caused the Scriptures to be written the medium that he used was that of books of the Bible. If that was good enough for the author it should be good enough for the preacher.

2. Expository Preaching reflects God’s respect for human authors. One of the most beautiful features of the Bible is the way in which God causes his truth to be written and yet does not over-ride the individual writer, but respects their place in history, their vocabulary, their spoken and literary style. If God is so careful to respect the human authors of the Scriptures we should endeavour to do the same by reading, studying, preaching and teaching their books in the order in the way in they wrote them.

3. Expository Preaching respects the historical context of each part of the Bible. The Bible is not a set of timeless truths removed from historical context, but each book of the Bible is firmly rooted in history, and the perspective of its human author. We do most justice to this historical context when we preach texts in their context, that is in the writing in which they occur.

4. Expository Preaching respects the context of salvation history. The unfolding drama of salvation is brought to us within salvation history; and each text, verse, chapter and book has its place within that salvation history. The best way to preach these books is to link them to their place in salvation history, not to extract from them trans-historical, theological, pastoral or devotional themes.

5. Expository Preaching should help us to unfold the deep Biblical Theology of the Bible, the content and message of God’s unfolding revelation, and seeing every part of the Bible in the light of the gospel of Christ, and the message of the whole Bible.

6. Expository Preaching preserves Biblical shape and balance. It gives the same focus and concentration that God gives in the Bible. Other people’s topical preaching inevitably misses this balance. It is more difficult to see the same imbalance in our own topical preaching!

7. Expository Preaching ensures that we preach on difficult topics, verses and books. I would not choose to preach from the text ‘I hate divorce’ unless forced to do so by a sermon series on Malachi. I would not choose to preach on Romans 9-11, but preaching my way right through Romans forces me to do so. Lectionaries are no help, because modern lectionaries seem to go out of their way to avoid difficult topics, even cutting poems and stories in half to avoid embarrassment. Expository Preaching will at least make us preach on the difficult parts of the Bible.

8. Expository Preaching saves time in preparation and presentation. Preachers need to do a lot of work in preparing their sermons and finding the historical context, and need to convey the context of verses in which they preach in the sermon as well. If we move from text to text as we move from sermon to sermon, or if we move from text to text within sermons, we will be less and less inclined to give the context of those texts and more and more inclined to take them out of context. [Of course ‘the text’ is actually the whole book: only preachers think of ‘the text’ as a short extract!]

9. Expository Preaching provides a good model of exegesis. We ought to preach and teach the Bible in a way in which we hope people will read it. People should pick up good models of using the Scripture from us. We do not want to encourage people to flip through the Bible, picking out verses that look encouraging or inviting. If we want people to read the Bible as it is written, that’s the way we should preach it.

10. In Expository Preaching each sermon forms part of a divine sequence. The sequence is that of the writer of the book of the Bible. Following this sequence means that our teaching and their learning is cumulative as each sermon prepares the way for the next, and each sermon summarises the message of the last and shows its sequence in biblical thought.

11. Expository Preaching makes sense! Even the most convinced post-modernists among us still read books from beginning to end. This is because it’s a remarkably sensible way of reading a book. Why would we adopt a different model in our reading and teaching of the Scriptures?

12. Expository Preaching teaches people the Bible. Its assumption is that the Bible is relevant and effective as it comes from the mouth of God. It assumes that the information in the Bible is important for us; that these things were ‘written for our learning’.

13. Expository Preaching provides an accessible, useable and safe model of Bible teaching and preaching. If one of our tasks is to encourage lay people in ministry, then the best thing to do is to provide them with a model of teaching which they can use at any level. It is not good to encourage people to flip through the Bible, taking their favourite verses out of context. It is a good work to show the people a model of Bible teaching that they can use to their benefit and the benefit of those who learn from them.

14. Expository Preaching helps people to avoid repeating their ten favourite themes. Every preacher has ten sermons. The difficulty comes for the preacher and the congregation when they are repeated for the tenth time. Of course, no method can stop the determined preacher from mounting a hobby horse and riding it to death!

15. Expository Preaching follows God’s syllabus for us. One helpful way of viewing the Bible is to see it as God’s syllabus. In it God lays out the way of salvation and what human beings need to learn in order to turn to Jesus Christ in faith and obedience. The Bible is the syllabus that God has provided – why would we replace it with another of our own invention?

Todd Bentley knees cancer patient in the stomach??

29 06 2008

And the lunacy just keeps on coming!

Check out this video. A man is brought up to Todd Bentley Fakely and he heals him by kneeing him in the gut!

The man can hardly stand up he’s in so much pain…what is it with this clown?

Resource Link: Todd Bentley

22 06 2008

Unless you just don’t get out much; you’ve likely heard of Todd Bentley…he’s the False Prophet that is conducting the “Lakeland Revival.”

A commenter (Dan from Born4Battle) recently directed me to a link with a lot of good information on Todd, and what’s going on there…

Here it is:


Eyewitness Report From Lakeland: Justin Peters

18 06 2008

After I had posted some amazing videos showing what is going on at Lakeland FL. a commenter directed me to this site to read about someone who personally visited the “revival” that is being run by Todd Bentley. This is his report:

My visit to the Lakeland Revival
Hello All,

Well, I went to Lakeland, FL to attend the revival services. I was in attendance Monday morning and evening, Tues evening, and Wed. morning. I really did try to go to these services with an open mind, but once there it did not take very long for my mind to begin closing.  Todd Bentley does not preach in the morning services.  Monday morning the preacher was a 28 year-old lady named Kira Mitchell who is one of Todd’s interns (for lack of a better word).  He is apparently mentoring her.  She told a great deal of dramatic stories and spoke often about how God speaks to her in dreams, visions, and, on occasion, in an audible voice. Peppered throughout her message were references to the upcoming time where the anointing would begin flowing (to which she referred as “walking in the sauce” which struck me as rather irreverent to say the least) and people would be healed.  She called for those with tumors and cysts to come forward because God was telling her that an anointing was there for people such as these.  Read the rest of this entry »

Todd Bentley a Prophet? Don’t make me gag!

17 06 2008

Todd Bentley a Prophet? Don’t make me gag!

Just look at the followers he has, look at how many people pack the arena in some of his videos…but is he a prophet of God?

Pull out your calculator and count how many misses Todd Bentley scores in just the first 30 seconds of this video…

Deut. 18:21 And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the LORD has not spoken?’— 22 when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

More Self-help and Pop Psychology

16 06 2008

Mariners self-help & pop-psychology center Church is the type of self-help & pop-psychology center church that can help you overcome, fear, shame, worry & anxiety and doubt. As an added bonus if you show up this week you can learn how to better manage your finances.

What we’d like to know is how come NOT ONE of the apostles ever preached sermons on these self-help & pop-psychology topics? Could it be that they were too busy preaching ‘Christ and Him Crucified”?

1Cor. 2:1 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. 2 For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.

I believe that I got this from http://www.alittleleaven.com; thanks to them.

Greg Koukl exposes the flaws in Deepak Chopra’s worldview

14 06 2008

If you haven’t heard Greg Koukl speak, you’re going to like this.

Watch as Greg uses reasoned responses to expose the flaws in Deepak Chopra’s worldview