Get your Christmas Gift Certificate! Good for One Murder!

29 11 2008

As if the world wasn’t sick enough…Planned Parenthood is giving gift certificates…now it’s easier than ever to murder that little unwanted lump of tissue beautiful human being!

Get a FREE COPY of Logos’ Bible Study Magazine!

26 11 2008

If you haven’t heard…Logos launched a new magazine, a dead tree magazine…Called “Bible Study.”

I subscribed and it’s great….lot’s of good articles from hermeneutics, to the Dead Sea Scrolls, to how to pick a bible translation…

If you’re STILL unconvinced to part with your hard earned cash….then check THIS out….it’s FREE!!

Here is the text from Logos’ site:

4221So, you haven’t checked out Bible Study Magazine yet? Well, here’s your chance. For a limited time, we are giving away a free review copy of Bible Study Magazine.

In order to receive your copy, all you have to do is agree to write a review of the magazine anywhere you can, in a church bulletin, ministry newsletter, blog, website, forum, or any other place that you have the opportunity to communicate with people.

So, if you’d like a free review copy, send an email to with Bible Study Magazine Review Copy Request as the subject. Also, be sure to include your mailing address so I know where to send it!

Review FAQs:

Do I have to be a blogger or journalist to get a review copy?
No. If you have any outlet for sharing a review, then we’ll send you a copy. So, if you have a newsletter, church bulletin, email list, blog, website, skywriting service, or any other way to communicate with people, then you qualify.

How long does my review have to be?
Length is up to you. Obviously, if you’re putting something in a church bulletin, then you’re not going to have room for a full-out review. In that case, an adequate review might sound something like, “There is a great new magazine you should check out. Bible Study Magazine is an excellent resource to aid in your Bible study. More info can be found at” If you’re a blogger, you have more room to review, so feel free to make your review as long as it needs to be.

Do I have to send you a copy of my review?
Short answer, no. However, we would love to see what you thought of the magazine. If you post your review online, drop me an email or post a comment with a link below so we can check it out. If your review appears in print, you’re free to mail a copy to us. Skywriters, please send pictures!

Logos Bible Software
1313 Commercial St.
Bellingham WA 98225-4307

Who are you to judge??

17 11 2008

Yep…you’ve heard it many times…it’s just about the only two verses that the unsaved person knows: Matthew 7:1 (Do not judge) and John 3:16 (I can do what I want ’cause God will forgive me)

Here is a good video dealing with the first one…

Calvinism kills Evangelism!

17 11 2008

If you believe that; you haven’t looked around lately. Most of the modern church DOESN’T evangelize! I know plenty more Reformed or Calvinistic Evangelists than of the Arminian pursuasion.

What I’ve found is just the opposite; Calvinism; or more specifically in my case “Reformed Theology” not only DOESN’T kill evangelism, but puts it in the proper light.

When an Arminian goes out on the streets, he understands that unless he is effective (you can say it’s with God’s help or not…either way it’s up to the evangelist) someone is NOT going to get the salvation that they WOULD HAVE if he’d only been more effective. An Arminian is careful not to drive away the unbelievers, but to try and “woo them” to “his way of thinking” or to convince the unbeliever that the way of Christ is BETTER than the way that they currently believe.

On the other hand:

A person who believes in the Doctrines of Grace understands that God uses the preaching of the cross as a means to draw His elect to Himself. The preacher is the means; the message delivery system, if you will. The Reformed Evangelist knows that he can be honest and straightforward, and preach the truth about Heaven, Hell, Judgment, Repentance, and forgivness, without toning anything down so as to scare away a “potential convert.” He knows that he doesn’t have to “find out what makes them tick” so as to appeal to whatever the unbeliever who is listening to the preaching will respond to. He knows that by preaching the Law; he’s being faithful to the message of the cross because the bible says that “…the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ” and that  the preaching of the Law is for a particular reason; “…so that every mouth may be stopped and the whole world become guilty before God.”

Whew! I didn’t intend to say all of that but get me on that subject and watch out! It’s liable to be a long conversation!

This post is actually to introduce a new link:

The Reformed Evangelist.

A bunch of Calvinist’s being obedient to God’s command to preach the gospel to every creature.

How about you Mr. Arminian…did you go out and preach the words of life this week?

A tribute to a Brother in Christ; Jim Jones

16 11 2008

A faithful Brother in Christ went home to be with the Lord last week…Jim Jones.

Please pray for his family, and take a look at this link; a tribute to Jim.

I can testify to Jim’s character; I’ve emailed him for advice, and to ask about some tracts and information and found him to be just how they describe in the link below…a fine Christian Brother.

Tolerance goes both ways…

13 11 2008

Well…a video is worth a thousand words…especially when a group of Homosexual supporters rip the cross out of an old lady’s hand, and stomp on it…

If this isn’t an illustration of the truth of the bible when it calls them God haters, I don’t know what is.

Heard over at the Pyros…

8 11 2008

Some quotes are just too true and quoteworthy:

…if the average Baptist preacher were one-tenth as committed to evangelism as James White, Arminians in the SBC might actually be in a position to carp about hyper-Calvinism’s detrimental effect on soul-winning. As it is, those who say these kinds of things ought to sit with their hands over their mouths and learn some things from Mr. White.

As they say…”nuff said”