And you claim to be Christian? Another unregenerate church gets what’s coming to them.

7 02 2009

Oh yeah…this is rich.

This “Pastor” gets his church kicked out of their meeting place because they were too obscene! Where did they get kicked out of? Another churches building you ask?


They were ousted from a SECULAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

You read that right…they were even to obscene for the world.

Here is a quote from the article:

The Rev. Dave Nelson just wanted to talk about sex. And porn. And homosexuality. But he won’t be doing it at Nash Elementary School.
The Great Lakes Church, a new church which has rented space at Nash for four weeks, lost its permit late last week
after sending a colorful flier that proclaimed, “Thank God for Sex.”
The flip side listed Nash as the location for the service, and a series of topics scheduled over the next five weeks,

– Great Sex (Bedroom: From Battleground to Playground)
– Sexy and Single (Why God Doesn’t Care About Your Virginity)
– Sex Secrets (Porn, Homosexuality and Stuff Like That)

The Kenosha Unified School District called the flier obscene, disruptive and a violation of Policy 1330, which covers renting Unified space to private organizations. Nelson said he was stunned at the outcome…”

You can read the entirity of the article over at Slice.




2 responses

10 02 2009

I saw that and kudo’s to the elementary school!

10 02 2009

Another classic example of what happens when we try to make the Gospel “cool” instead of “clear”.

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