My LDS friends…do you fear?

31 05 2009

My LDS friends.

Your initial reaction is going to be to fight against this and call it persecution. You might respond in the comments that we don’t know anything about what you think…what you fear.

But hang on a second.

I posted this because of one thing; I love you and I want you to be saved from your present bondage.

Drumroll…Tada! I’m now a Mormon…

24 05 2009

Actually, I’m as Mormon as the LDS folks who insist that they are Christian.

Mormons want to be considered “just another Christian denomination but if that’s to be accepted, then I’m going to be a member of “just another Mormon denomination” ok?

Mormons claim to be Christian, yet deny the essentials of Christianity; namely, that there is one God, that forgiveness of sins is by grace alone, that there is a trinity, that Jesus is God, etc.

Mormonism teaches that there are many many gods but that Mormons should serve and worship only one of them, the one of this world. It teaches that forgiveness of sins is not by grace alone. It denies the Trinity doctrine which says there is one God in three persons and instead says that there are three separate gods. It does not proclaim that Jesus is God, but that Jesus is “a” god…. etc.  Additionally, Mormons have secret temple rituals, even though the rituals have been done away with with the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

So, Mormons deny these basic Christian doctrines, yet they want to be called Christian because they say they believe in the same Jesus of the Bible, among other things.  But when they speak of Jesus, they mean that Jesus is the brother of Satan, and you and I. They teach that we have all been born from god and his goddess wife who both have physical bodies of flesh and bones.

None of this is in the Bible and none of this is believed by true Christians.  But that has not stopped the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from wanting to be called Christian.

So, since the Mormons deny basic Christian doctrine and claim to be Christian, then I can deny basic Mormon doctrine and be a Mormon.  For example, I deny the following Mormon doctrines.

  • I deny that there are many many gods (Mormon Doctrine, by Bruce McConkie, p. 163).
  • I deny that the trinity is three separate gods (Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 370).
  • I deny that god is a man from another planet (Journal of Discourses, vol. 6, p. 3).
  • I deny that there is a goddess mother (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, p. 443).
  • I deny that god is married to his goddess wife (Mormon Doctrine, p. 516.).
  • I deny that god and his goddess wife have bodies of flesh and bones (Doctrine and Covenants, 130:22; Joseph Smith, Journal of Discourses, vol. 6, p. 3.)
  • I deny that we were all born in the pre-existence (Journal of Discourses, vol. 4, p. 218; Articles of Faith, p. 174).
  • I deny that Satan is my spirit brother (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163).
  • I deny that I need a temple (Articles of Faith, p. 138).
  • I deny that I have the potential of becoming a god (Articles of Faith, p. 424).
  • I deny that the book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible (History of the Church, vol. 4, p. 461).
  • I deny that good works are necessary for salvation (Articles of Faith, p. 81, 92).
  • I deny that my own blood must atone for any of my sins (Journal of Discourses, vol. 3, p. 247; see also, vol. 4, p. 53-54, 219-220).

Therefore, since the Mormons deny basic Christian doctrines and call themselves Christian, is it okay for me to deny basic Mormon doctrines and call myself a Mormon?

Thank you to Matt Slick for this information. You can see the original post at

This is awesome! A dramatic recitation of Hebrews 9 and 10

24 05 2009

I thought that I’d already posted this but I guess I didn’t.

This is a video of Ryan Ferguson reciting Hebrews chapters 9 and 10….from memory!

It’s truly amazing to watch, and humbling too. I understand that he’s actually memorized all of the book of Hebrews, Psalms, and a few others…

While I try to remember how John 3:16 goes… 😦

Carl Sagan and his philosophy of the universe…

23 05 2009

Check out this great post over at Eternity Matters. It’s not a very long post so I don’t want to quote it and give the surprise away; I’ll let you click the link and visit it yourself.

Good one Neil.

For the Mormon woman…you better be nice to your man…

23 05 2009

I was surfing UTLM and came across this piece.

Since LDS folks tend to keep things like this quiet and not announce them, I thought that it would be valuable to post it. Some of this may shock you…some of it may surprise you but it’s true.

Read on:

The LDS Church teaches that at the end of the world everyone will be resurrected. They also believe that almost everyone will go to heaven, which is divided up into three main levels. Bad people go to the lowest, the Telestial Kingdom (Doctrine and Covenants 76:81-86). Good people, who were not Mormons, will go to the middle level, the Terrestrial Kingdom (D&C 76:71-79). Mormons will go to the highest level, the Celestial Kingdom (D&C 76:50-70). However, only those who merit the highest part of the Celestial Kingdom will have Eternal Life [the ability to live in a marriage relationship and continue to beget children—see D&C 132:20-24, also see Mormons Hope to Become Gods of Their Own Worlds]. All others have immortality [which is defined as the ability to live forever in a single condition, not married and no future children] but do not have Eternal Life. One must be married in the LDS temple and then obey all of the Mormon regulations to get to the highest degree of heaven. The first time a Mormon attends the temple endowment ceremony he/she will be given a new name [usually a Bible name like Peter or Mary or the name of European royalty]. These will supposedly be their names in eternity. The wife must tell her husband her new name, and no one else, as he is supposed to call her up in the resurrection. If he does not call her up she would still resurrect, but not as his wife. When a Mormon returns to the temple, on various occasions, to go through the endowment ceremony, he/she will stand in by proxy for a dead person. For instance, a man may be going through the ritual in behalf of his dead uncle. A new temple name would be assigned to the dead person, which could be Joseph, David, Paul, etc. In the case of a dead woman, a Mormon woman would stand in by proxy for her, and the dead woman would be given a new temple name, like Rachael, Eve, Rebecca, etc.

LDS Apostle Charles W. Penrose wrote:

In the divine economy, as in nature, the man “is the head of the woman,” and it is written that “he is the savior of the body.” But “the man is not without the woman” any more than the woman is without the man, in the Lord. Adam was first formed, then Eve. In the resurrection, they stand side by side and hold dominion together. Every man who overcomes all things and is thereby entitled to inherit all things, receives power to bring up his wife to join him in the possession and enjoyment thereof.

In the case of a man marrying a wife in the everlasting covenant who dies while he continues in the flesh and marries another by the same divine law, each wife will come forth in her order and enter with him into his glory. (“Mormon” Doctrine Plain and Simple, or Leaves from the Tree of Life, by Charles W. Penrose, p.66, 1897, Salt Lake City, UT.) Read the rest of this entry »

Setting the record straight…

23 05 2009

Idiocy runs rampant on the internet; it seems that 20 years ago you had to have an opinion that had some merit before you would get a hearing  and some followers, but not anymore. Any numbskull with a broadband connection now has the whole world as his audience, and in a mass of humanity that large, you’re bound to get someone thinking that what you have to say is profound or even that it has some merit.

I’ve been surfing some videos from Youtube lately and checking out the comments; whoa…what a wasteland….our public school system has failed big time!

If you haven’t seen Monica Dennington you are really missing out…it’s a laugh riot.

Here is the link:

I dont’ think that there’s a coherent statement or an accurate representation of Calvinism in any of her videos! Additionally, not only is she a muddled thinker, committing loads of logical fallacies, but she’s totally devoid of biblical understanding!

I guess understanding an argument before you post a video is not important to her.

And worse…there are people out there who think that she knows what she’s talking about! The lack of discernment in today’s Christianity is utterly amazing!

In case you’ve seen this slop and think that she’s representing Calvinism with any accuracy…here is a link to a web page that lays out the Calvinist’s and the Synergist’s position; clearly, and accurately.

The Mormon double standard (and some brainwashing too)

11 05 2009

This is pretty enlightening.

This is a video of Shawn McCraney from speaking with a typical LDS member about Brigham Young. While that was pretty interesting, I thought that what was most interesting was the double standard that the Mormon fellow “Don” used.

If the word “brainwashed” doesn’t come to mind while you watch this then you’re not watching closely enough.

And while I’m not basing my faith on the various evidences of the Bible, that’s not the point; the fact that it IS a historical book with a long chain of historical evidence is a fact.

Juxtaposed with the Book of Mormon that has not one shred of historical, or archeological evidence to show that it’s more than a work of fiction.

Here is the video: