Adrian Rogers inconsistent Arminianism

15 09 2008

This is a video (which is really an audio), of a Radio Free Geneva program by Dr. James White. In it he’s showing the incredible inconsistency of Arminianism, via a critique of a sermon by Pastor Adrian Rogers.

If you are Arminian, or if you don’t know what you are but you “sure aint one of them heretical Calvinists!” then give this a listen…listen to the critique…think about what you believe…and if necessary…change your belief.




God bless Lane Chaplin for his hard work and dedication to the truth of the scriptures by making this available.

Abanes video back at Slice.

3 09 2008

I know that Ingrid doesn’t like blogs to post her content without prior permission, but I’m going to post this link so that the word gets out to a larger audience.

Richard Abanes is at it again…please support Ingrid by checking the video out and judging for yourself; who’s being a charitable Christian and who’s not.

Audio Debate: Dr. James White vs Bryan Lynch (Atheist)

12 06 2008


If you haven’t heard Dr. James White in a debate setting; you are missing out. This is a sample of the debate between Dr. White and Bryan Lynch of the American Atheists.

sigh…if only I was as smart as Dr. White…  🙂

Here is the link to 2 sample audio files:



(Notice in the first clip that while Mr. Lynch is lambasting Religion for having a “blind faith” and “pushing their beliefs” on others…he does the same thing several times throughout the debate. In the second clip, instead of actually refuting historical evidence, he falls back on red-herring arguments attacking all of the evil things done in the name of religion…typical…)

 Here is the link to the whole debate over at Alpha and Omega Ministries. At under $2.00 it’s a steal:

R. C. Sproul: Only one way?

8 06 2008

No comment necessary on this one…R.C. Sproul telling the truth, the unvarnished truth, as only he can…

Rick Warren: Get the Barf Bag!

19 05 2008

This video is courtesy of Lane Chaplin.

Once again we are reminded what a preacher of the Gospel ISN’T…thanks to Mr. Rick Warren.

Audio: The False Peace of Truth-Compromised (from Old Truth)

26 04 2008

This post popped up on Old Truth today and I thought it was timely considering the posts and comments from the last few weeks.

I’ve also been emailing a dear brother in Christ on the Doctrines of Grace…and everything was just peachy until I exegeted 2nd Peter 3:9 and challenged him to let me know if I was somehow in error specifically…

His answer was to restate his belief that God is too loving to send people to hell and wants all men to be saved.

I pointed out the context and all that pertained specifically to 2nd Peter and mentioned that “all” frequently doesn’t mean “everyone on the planet who ever lived or who will ever live without distinction” and gave several examples such as:

… “the whole world has gone after him”


“then went all Judea, and were baptized of him in Jordan.


“Ye are of God,little children”, and the whole world lieth in the wicked one”.

Of course these statements are to be taken in context…not one of them means that everybody on the planet “went after him” or that everybody on the planet was baptized in the Jordan, or that saved people “lie in the wicked one”….

The word “all” is used all of the time, like that…wait…I just did it! Did you see that? I used the word “all” in a “non-universal” application…here it meant “frequently.”

So I challenged him again with Mark 4:12, John 6, and Romans 9; specifically showing the passages that are pertinent to the discussion at hand that clearly teach God’s electing of individuals to salvation…

And what do you think happened?

Yep….he restated his belief that God is too good to do that and that we can’t “come to an agreement” on this.

I realize that we all have errors in our theology, I know that, I’ve been corrected more times than Carters got pills!

But to not even look honestly at the text itself, and to disregard the context, is just plain, bowing to traditions.

The False Peace of Truth-Compromised

There is an attitude pervasively present in evangelical Christianity today that says “We’re sick and tired of doctrinal debates and disputes that divide people and create disharmony, dissidence, hard feelings, split churches and all that. Why should we have denominations? Why do we have these differences? Those things aren’t important. All that matters is ‘Do you love Jesus?’” When that attitude prevails, you can kiss the church of Christ goodbye, because the desire for peace, which is a good desire, a godly desire, and the New Testament and the Old Testament frequently enjoin us to seek peace, to pursue peace, to live at peace, and wherever it’s possible – to not be argumentative, contentious, divisive. But when we win peace by negotiating truth, where truth is slain in the streets, what we have is what the Bible calls false peace, a carnal peace, a peace that has no substance.

Those are the words of RC Sproul, he goes on in this short audio clip to say:

Let me ask you this question: If Frank and Bob differ on a point of theology, is that okay? Yes, we have to be long-suffering, patient, have the love that covers a multitude of sins, and so on.

Is it okay ultimately?

What’s behind that difference on doctrine?

Let me say something that may sound outrageous to you.

Errors in doctrine are sinful. It is a sin to be wrong about theology. Its a sin to hold a wrong view. It’s an even greater sin to teach a wrong view!

Does that sound surprising to you?

Why do Christians differ as to what proper doctrine is?

Because the Word of God is so obscure, so muddled, so mysterious, that no virtuous person can ever really sort it out? Or is it because when we come to the Biblical text, we come slothfully rather than diligently, we come with our prejudices, we come with our biases?

Is there anybody [reading this] who since you got out of your bed this morning has loved the Lord your God with your whole mind?

Is there anybody in this room who has for one day given a perfect living sacrifice of your mind to the pursuit of God?

If you raised your hand and say you have, you’ve just betrayed the fact that you don’t understand the first principles of the perfect pursuit of the knowledge of God.

None of us have done this. Our errors, our distortions of the Word of God are sinful because they violate God’s truth and His character! We distort the reality of who God is by our errors and inaccuracies.

Here is the audio:


Theology Matters when “Real Life” hits!

16 04 2008

I’m a fan of the preaching of Pastor Jim McClarty of Grace Christian Assembly of Smyrna Tennessee.

What do you do when life hits you right between the eyes?

Sure, it’s easy to thank God when things are going great…no problem there, but what about when tragedy strikes?

Who’s responsible?

Where was God?

Why did he let this happen to me?

Or worse yet;

Why did He DO this to me?

This is an MP3 of a sermon on the theology of the Sovereignty of God and how it shapes your reaction to events in your life. There is no other view of scripture that will comfort you in times of trouble like Calvinism will; or more specifically, the view of the Sovereignty of God.

I urge you to listen to this with an open heart, think about what he’s saying. Don’t react with emotion, and pride.

Here is the link to the MP3: