Free Koine Greek Sentence Diagramming software!

28 08 2009

For those who are learning Koine Greek, diagramming sentences is a valuable thing to understand. To that end, Lexel Software is now GIVING AWAY a great piece of software called “Koineworks.”

It’s an interactive instructional software that I found to be very effective for someone like me; a novice when it comes to sentence diagramming. It also comes with a nice PDF guide also.

Here is the link

How do (or DO YOU) study the word?

11 01 2009

Recently a friend of mind bought Logos Bible Software. It’s something I’ve owned for a couple of years now and I heartly recommend it. Yes, I know that it’s pricey, but they have lots of specials, and payment plans…after all…you didn’t balk when you bought your last four-wheeler or fishing pole with that spiffy new reel did you?

I’d say that it’s the most important thing I’ve ever purchased. Bar none.

There is no way that I’d ever study the bible like I do now if I had to use GASP! real paper books! I’ve done that a few times and it wasn’t pretty: Bible dictionary, 3 bibles, a few commentaries…all strung all over the kitchen table…what a mess. And talk about time consuming? arggg…

And one thing that only hit me AFTER I bought my bible software…what I THOUGHT was bible study was just a mix of devotional reading and a slight amount of study. Sure, I’d look up a word or two once in a while but the depth just wasn’t there. I was “surface studying” it. If you’re interested; here is a link to what this software can do: Logos

There is just NO WAY to get this kind of depth with paper and not go crazy:


Well, when my friend bought his copy of Logos, I asked him if he ran up against the same thing and he said yes, he did.

Once the physical aspects of bible study are conqured, then you really come face to face with your actual hermeneutic; the way you REALLY study…and for me, it was a real eye opener. In fact I had to step back and ask myself, how DOES one study the bible seriously?

So I ask you…do you STUDY or do you do what I was doing? Do you own some bible software or are you a “paper only” person?

A good online bible study tool…

1 01 2009

If you haven’t heard, Logos Bible Software is one of the “big-two” of the bible software world. (Bibleworks being the other one)

I’ve tried both, and both have their merits but in the end, Logos Bible Software gets my vote.

They now have an online bible that I think is well worth checking out; you can search words, phrases, and passage references, and all at blazing fast speeds…nice!

Additionally, they’ve got several bible reading plans to help you jump start your bible reading! (as for myself, I like the “read the bible in a year” plan)

They’ve coded in about 15 different versions and so your favorite one is sure to be there. I’m partial to the ESV myself.

Here is the link: