Have you “counted the cost”?

2 04 2008

  What is it to “count the cost” in todays Western Christianity? During your day, what kind of persecution comes on you? What do you do as part of your “taking up your cross”? I urge you to think about what kind of life you’ve made for yourself, and ask yourself honestly if you’ve settled in to a “Comfortable Christianity” where the cross you take up is soft and squishy like a pillow and it never gets picked up and carried.

 Today’s post comes from Old Truth. In light of my thoughts above, I think it’s definitely worth a read:

“I Have Counted The Costs of Following Christ”

   Quoting Beeke, Spaans . . .


In the year 1554, soon after the accession of (Bloody) Mary to the throne of England, there lived a lad about nineteen years of age, an apprentice to a silk weaver. His soul had been illumined by divine grace during the controversies of the preceding reign, and he had learned to abhor the falsities of the Papal Church. When the edict requiring the people to attend [Catholic] mass was published in the name of the bigoted Queen, William’s master ordered him to comply, and to go with him to the church. But the boy replied that he dared not, for he believed that it would be a sin against God for him to countenance such idolatries. Consequently the master drove him from his house

William walked to the home of his father at Bruntwood, and was kindly received, for his parents loved the boy, feared God, and abhorred Popery.

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